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“As a father of 3 who keeps a busy schedule and tries to race at a competitive level, I often log lots of miles during every day training without enough time for recovery. Having regular massages from Athletic Edge has helped me stay injury free and recovered and ready for the intensity of triathlon racing.”

Cid Cardoso Jr. – Completed 18 Ironman races (Hawaii Ironman 7 times; Ironman Brazil 2001)

“As a professional athlete I have seen many therapists during training and racing for reoccuring pain in my left hip and IT band. Of all the therapists I have worked with, I have never found anyone who listens to me and really makes my hip heal correctly… Until I started working with Lal. Sure, other therapists got me through events, but my pain would always come back. Working with Lal has made my hip pain less than it has been in years, and I get the maximum out of my training because of it. If anyone ever asks me who to go see for therapy, I quickly point them to Lal and Athletic Edge… It truly is the best massage therapy you can receive in the country.”

Alisha Lion – Professional Cyclist and Triathlete. (1st, Three Peaks Road Race, Mt Hood Cycling Classic. 2nd, Duke Liver Center Half Ironman (4:42).

“I am no elite athlete, so I was a little intimidated when I first came to Athletic Edge through recommendation from a friend. I had experienced recurrent lower back pain that other therapies (such as chiropractic care) only alleviated intermittently. Several years later, I wouldn’t miss my monthly massage for anything! Not only has it alleviated my back pain, but I am now a firm believer in the holistic benefits of massage–emotional, spiritual, and on my entire physical body–not just my lower back.”

Sabrina C.

“Lal and his staff are very committed not only to treating the symptoms of pain and injury, but getting to the root of the problem and helping their patients work toward a long-term and sustainable solution. Lal understands that not everyone is the same, and solutions for people across the athletic intensity spectrum must be different. He does not follow one rigid doctrine, rather an organic blend of realistic and uncomplicated techniques. He is thorough and understanding, and takes the time to understand his patients’ important needs!”

Mandy L.

“Alecia was FABULOUS! She was so kind the entire time and really wanted to tailor the massage to make it the absolute best for me. I feel wonderful today thanks to her! And I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a deep tissue massage. I really appreciate the follow-up and y’alls attention to details! And I definitely look forward to coming back in the near future!”

Kelley C.

“As an ultra runner for 8 years I have dealt with the common chronic issues that accompany long distance running. Since I have been receiving massage therapy from Lal at Athletic Edge, I have noticed a huge difference with those issues and in my running. My overall flexibility has increased, my hamstrings, quads and IT band are not as tight and my recovery time from events is much quicker. He has helped me tremendously not only as an athlete, but as a chronic migraine sufferer. Lal understands how important it is as an athlete, to stay out there, training and performing, feeling your best. I am happy to tell any and every one when I have found a good massage therapist and Lal is definitely an outstanding one!”

Dorothy Hunter – Ultra Distance Runner

“After having exhausted all possible treatment avenues, including chiropractic care, steroid/trigger point injections, various prescription drugs, and physical therapy, I came to Lal with almost no hope of pain relief from close to two years of chronic upper back and neck pain. From my very first visit with Lal, I knew my hunt for a massage therapist was over. Lal is extremely knowledgeable and has a great awareness of the body and how to promote healing within it. He has gone well above and beyond what I expected, and always spends that extra time with me to help me reach my goals. Since seeing Lal, I have seen tremendous improvement in the severity and frequency of my pain, and am confident that I will be the active, exercise enthusiast I once was.”

Mike H.

“Andrea was great! I am extremely impressed with her skill and keen sense of where I was tight and imbalanced. I know there’s a lot going on with my hip and lower back, so there was a lot of information for her to take in and digest in 1 hr. The massage seemed to quiet the sciatic nerve sensations I’ve been having, and ease some of the tension and spasm-y feeling in the hip flexors and TFL. She also gave me some good tips for getting the most from my foam roller, and some ideas to speak with my PT about. I’m definitely interested in coming back for some more work with Andrea.”

Amanda – Dancer